SPP’s EIN number (for donation-matching purposes) is 27-110-9012

School Yard Sale!!

Our annual School Yard Sale happens in the fall

What we need from families:

  • Donations of sale items: 
  • Volunteers to help

Chinook Books

In the fall, we have Chinook Books and apps for sale, and half the proceeds go to SPP! Chinook Books include hundreds of local coupons which are good until October 2018. See our fundraising coordinator for more details.

How it works:


Your friends and family can purchase the Chinook Book or mobile app (via a printed card with a link) from you directly. There are three choices for purchasing:

  • Book and Mobile App Combo: $30 The combo pack includes both the printed book and the mobile app. This gives you double coupons, and offers some coupons that you can’t get in the app alone. Sales tip: buy a combo yourself and keep the book and give away the app, or vice versa!
  • Book: $22 The book includes some coupons and transit tickets that can’ t be found in the app, and it has longer expiration dates. It is also really pretty!
  • Mobile App (Android or iPhone): $15 The app is convenient and has a feature where you can find deals near you. It also has “rolling coupons” with staggered expiration dates, as well as grocery and seasonal deals. Great for gifts!

We’ll have a stock of books and app cards in a locker at SPP, which you’re welcome to check out in advance of your projected sales. Any product that you don’t sell can be returned to us (in pristine condition) at no cost.


IMPORTANT: Once you’ve received the money from your sales, YOU must make out a check to SPP — we can’t accept checks from anyone who is not an SPP family. Bring your checks (or cash), as well as any unsold books, to school by October 30th.


Contact Emily Reber-Mariniello, our Fundraising Coordinator, at