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 Sprouts ASprouts B
Monthly Tuition$345$230
Max Class Size1515
Age*2 to 42 to 4
Class Times9:30-12:009:30-12:00

Important notes about our 2019-2020 classes:

  • Class Schedule. Classes run from Sept 2019-June 2020. We broadly follow the Seattle Public School calendar.
  • Seattle’s Progressive Preschool is not a drop-off program. Caregivers are actively involved as assistant teachers in the classroom.
  • *Minimum age as of 9/1/19. Age exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We kindly ask that you register based on your child’s date of birth, and the age exception will be dependent on teacher observation once classes begin.
  • Children may be registered in more than one section of a class. For example, a child may be in both Sprouts A and B (5 days a week) or Samaras A and B (4 days a week).
  • Families enrolling additional children receive a 10% discount for each child on tuition in the same priced or lower priced class.
  • Generous full and partial financial aid packages are available. Please see our Financial Aid page for details.

Class Descriptions

All our classes have a focus on our environmental and social justice/anti bias curriculum. Read more about the curriculum here.


IMG_5822Sprouts is a multi-age classroom for children 2 to 4 years old. The Sprouts class focuses on supporting our students’ social and emotional development. Through play, students learn to understand their feelings, develop peer relationships, and interact with new communities. The Sprouts curriculum is focused on anti-bias learning though friendship: getting to know our classmates, teacher & parents, neighborhood, and community. Students are also introduced to the school’s natural environment through outdoor play and activities, as well as the inclusion of organic elements and sensory materials in the classroom. Developmentally, these are years of exponential growth for children when we focus on encouragement, exploration of the child’s world and building confidence.

A typical day as a Sprout

We begin the day by greeting each other and by enjoying free play, including art, music, and sensory-based activities. At circle time, we practice participating in group activities like songs, stories, and dance. Later, snack time allows for open conversation, sharing with friends, and practicing new skills like pouring and passing. After snack, the class heads outside to explore our natural environment, either in the school’s playground and garden or in the neighborhood. At the end of the day, have a closing circle, sing our goodbye song and head home, energized by all our new experiences that day.

Our multi-age, two-teacher classroom

Sprouts is a multi-age classroom that welcomes children from age 2 to age 4 as of September 1 2019. This multi-age environment benefits both older and younger students: By teaching and modeling their more-advanced physical, emotional and intellectual skills to their younger classmates, older Sprouts build pride in their abilities and strengthen their mastery of these skills. As eager mimics of older children, younger Sprouts receive constant natural opportunities to observe and practice the next steps in their development.

The class is led by two full-time, early-childhood educators. Thanks to this approach, teachers may tailor activities to different developmental stages or provide focused attention to the special needs of one age cohort as needed.

Parent involvement

Parents are children’s first teachers, and as such, they play a valuable role in the Sprouts classroom. Parents generally work 1-2 shifts per week in the classroom, depending on how many days their student is enrolled. Parent work in the classroom includes time actively teaching and interacting with the kids, as well as helping out with tasks like snack preparation and clean-up.

Parents learn from each other and from the teachers — if you’ve ever been unsure how to handle a conflict over a toy at a playground, you will learn many techniques and have the opportunity to practice them frequently! It’s also a great way to get to know children whose strengths and weaknesses are different from your own child’s, which will expand your parenting toolbox.

Potty training

Sprouts supports children at any phase of potty training, including kids who haven’t started.

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