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Our Classes

DaysM and/or WTu/ThM/W/F
Tuition$75/mo per day$185/mo$290/mo
Class Size121615
Age*123 or 4
Meeting Times4:15pm-5:30pm9:00am-11:30am9:00am-12:30pm
*Age as of 9/1/18. Age exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Families enrolling a second child receive a 10% discount on tuition in the same priced or lower priced class.  This is for families who have 2 children enrolled at the same time.
Financial aid is available. Please see our Financial Aid page for details.

Class descriptions


Samaras class is our newest addition for the 2018-2019 school year. Samaras attend their class with a caregiver. Enrollment can be for either Monday or Wednesday session, or both. Samaras are introduced to our environmental and anti-bias themes through play, and caregivers are given the foundational tools for emotion coaching.


IMG_5822The Sprouts curriculum is focused on anti-bias foundation building, mainly through getting to know our friends, neighborhood, and community helpers. Students are also introduced to the school’s natural environment through outdoor play and activities, as well as the inclusion of natural elements and sensory materials in the classroom. Special activities include visiting the p-patch and get-togethers with our GrandFriends. Developmentally, this is a year of amazing growth for children, and outings are weighted toward the second half of the year to reflect this.


Seedlings, using the anti-bias foundation gained in the previous year, apply more of the concepts of anti-bias and environmentalism to their outings and special events, which include litter hunts, vegetable gardening, GrandFriends visits, and service activities (as determined by each year’s families). As anti-bias learning begins to flower into empathy, Seedlings gain a rewarding understanding of the service-themed curriculum. Seedlings also have a stronger emphasis on kindergarten readiness.

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